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Wednesday, January 25

a day without bush news is like a day without a migraine

Everyday, I open the paper and I think, "There is no way George W. could possibly be worse today than he was yesterday." And everyday, I am horrified to find that he actually is more embarrassing than he was the day before. He somehow pulls it off. Day before yesterday, he embarrassed the nation with the "terrorists surveillance program" and yesterday it was the news that the Bush administration knew the levees in New Orleans would probably break, today we learn that the Bush administration won't release documents surrounding Katrina communications between officials.

I shudder to think what tomorrow might bring.

So, in the interest of keeping my sanity, tenuous as it is, I am going to avoid all Bush, all the time. I am going to disengage myself from the day to day grind of the smirkmaster in chief.

Now, gentle readers, give me something else to ponder. I would like something pleasant to think about as I try to go to sleep each night. What do you think about when you are tossing and turning?

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