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Wednesday, January 25

"Century after century, while the flame of primitive Christianity burned low, esoteric work has remained vigilant. The esoteric meaning of the work was a preparatory effort: its objective was to accumulate the necessary energies on the astral plane, and so make it easier for humanity to pass through the great turnings of History...

"These changes in direction, and the coming of the new era they imply, have been constantly notable for the varied active and eminent roles played by women....

"The principle of Woman's intervention is found in ALL crucial periods of history.

"Periods where the ennobling role of the woman in the life of human society has faded are marked by a triviality of morals and manners, expressed in particular by a taste for realism carried to its utmost limits.

"Today, human relations suffer from a real distortion in the innate role that woman is destined to play at the side of man: instead of being the active force in these relations, the inspiring and fruitful complement to the man, the woman tends to follow a parallel path, which no longer permits her to exercise her own creative vocation...." -- Boris Mouravieff

as quoted by Laura Knight-Jadczyk in her essay "Boris Mouravieff: Polar Opposites, or the Fifth Way of Love"

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