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Thursday, January 19

But I'm Not Cheating!

oes your significant other accuse you of cheating and it's just simply not true but he or she doesn't believe it?

Tell your SI to play CSI and test your undies to prove it. "Go ahead baby and check my undies for random bodily fluids." The Home Evidence Kit seen on the lower left is only $79 and a lot cheaper than a PI. Let your SI check your undies. Who cares? Prove you are a saint.

Sprinkle some holy water on your clothes while you're at it.

The Home Evidence Kit: "Used by police and government agencies throughout the United States, this home kit version lets you discretely take a sample of any questionable type of stain and accurately identify it. Our protein and enzyme formulas, paired with simple step-by-step instructions will tell you immediately what the evidence is, or is not with complete certainty."

WOW~ On the other hand, if you suspect your partner is cheating and you want proof so you can kick his or her ass out of the door, you can test his or her undies if you don't think you are going to throw up. It works on both men and women's bodily fluids. Mmmm Mmmm

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