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Friday, January 13

are you ready to carry that fetus to term, lady?

If the by-God U.S. Senate can't figure this out, they can blame the women who haven't explained it to the U.S. Senate and women who can't understand it well enough to explain it to other women.

I am only going to do this one more time and then I am going to ask every woman I meet if she is happily accepting her role in society as defined by the Supreme Court and President Bush and the United States Congress because they do not consider women full citizens with the rights and privileges thereof.

The issue isn't abortion. The issue is whether the U.S. Government or the State of Texas or any of the forty-nine other states can demand that a woman carry a fetus to term. Can the government force pregnancy onto American women?

If the Senate can ask Sam Alito straight up if he is a bigot, then why can't they ask him straight up if he is a sexist? If he can find support for equal rights for black Americans, why can't he find equal rights for American women in the Constitution?

Why don't they just ask him if he is prepared to extend his opinion that the choice whether or not to be pregnant is not a woman's choice, but the government's choice or her male sex partner's choice? Is he ready to make that opinion the law of the land?

Even the Democrats in the Senate have accepted the parameters of the very limited question. They have accepted the assertion by the Far Right that the issue is abortion. No one supports abortion. The debate isn't even about abortion. It is about equality.

If men cannot be required to be fathers, then neither can women. If women must be pregnant then men must be required by law to make women pregnant and support these minors--women and children--because women cannot support themselves and be pregnant. Sure women can work while pregnant--if you believe that they won't get fired for being pregnant. But if women cannot make their own choices they should be treated as the second class citizen, as a person who has not reached majority. Men must impregnate women and make all decisions for women. If women cannot make their own choices they are not fully persons under the law. They must be looked after, not allowed to make work related decisions, or family decisions, or how to raise the children after they have been born.

Get the picture? Does this sound like Muslim countries where women do not have a voice and may be murdered if they exercise their rights, endowed not by men or governments but by their creator, to life, to liberty, and to the pursuit of happiness?

Is the noose tight enough yet? Are you safe enough yet?

Oh Supremest Court, please save us from our own minds and bodies that we can do your bidding. Keep us from the burden of being our own fully realized person? Make me safe from the wicked world and keep me home raising child after child after child. If we can't make that decision, we can't make other decisions. Please don't make me think about whether I have the constitutionally protected right to use birth control. Thank God that men and governments can make all our decisions for us. To work or not work, to procreate or not procreate, to ride at the front or the back of the bus.

This is a civil rights issue. Are American women the new American "nigger"? Master can tell her she must bear his children. Is that what you find in the Constitution, Judge Alito?

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