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Friday, January 20

And This Is What Our Children and Grandchildren Are Supposed To Count On For Their Retirements?!

Index Portfolio Performance for the First Five Years of the Bush Administration"

That's the title. Here's a quote:

"January 22, 2001 was the first day of trading after Mr. Bush became President. Three major indices stood at the following levels at the close of trading on that day:

Dow Jones Industrial Average: 10,578.24
Standard & Poor's 500: 1342.9
NASDAQ Composite: 2757.91

At the close of trading today, January 20, 2006, these same three averages stood at the following levels:

Dow Jones Industrial Average: 10,667.39
Standard & Poor's 500: 1,261.49
NASDAQ Composite: 2,247.70"

What could be worse? If you figure in inflation.
You should check it all out at The Dark Wraith Forums. Neat charts and graphs too.

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