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Wednesday, January 11

and in other news....

• NSA insider and whistleblower will tell congress all he knows about telephone tracking.
"He says the number of Americans subject to eavesdropping by the NSA could be in the millions if the full range of secret NSA programs is used." (ABC News)
• Roy Blunt wants to take over DeLay's job. Here is the connection between those two...

Raw Story: Amnesty Internation releases accounts of Gitmo torture abuse.

Americablog: Bush declares that those who criticize his war policies are treasonous by "giving comfort to our adversaries". yawn

Quick editorial:
Missouri Mule asked me the other day about what it was like in NY after 9/11. I told her that the ashes and soot of the WTC permeated every orifice in my house and it was like a funeral when I cleaned it up. I told her that we were absolutely terrified. Funeral processions passed my house on the way to the cemetary for months and months (many firefighters live out here). There was a lot of stuff that wasn't on the national news so Americans had no idea how tough it was to venture out of our homes and attempt to go anywhere. The traffic was always stalled because of car searches and roadblocks. Everywhere. There were the sounds of sirens escorting "official" looking vehicles speeding by and shutting down highways. People were terrified to go to work in lower manhattan. It stunk. Then they decided to scare us and warn us that crop dusters would be stolen from farms and would be used to drop anthrax on us. Talk about PTSD. We had it baby. Big time. I wanted to move so badly but it was a nightmare to try to sell a house. I know, I was trying to sell my mom's house at the time. She had just died unexpectedly in her sleep. For a while, NYers were all united despite our political leanings. Once the wars started, things became more tense and people stopped talking to each other freely. You had to watch out for those who bought the official 9/11 story. They would get vile if you even innocently suggested that the story wasn't completely accurate.

HOWEVER, if you talk to NYers today, most would rather keep their civil rights and take their chances. I find it amusing that some folks out in rural America are terrified of another attack and will gladly give up their rights to be safe. Gimme a friggin' break.

But that's just my opinion and I could be wrong.

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