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Tuesday, December 20

Tree hugging, Salad eating, Animal loving, Threats

If you are one of those salad-eating, tree-hugging, animal-loving, Quaker, or anti-poverty Americans, watch your ass. Uncle Sam is keeping his eyes and ears on you. It’s not enough just to be a citizen of a democracy. You had better toe the Republican line. Don’t even think of doing some funny stuff like protesting anything while george w. bush is the high sheriff. He’s from Texas, you know!

Sure, we’ve all known for years that vegans were a threat to our safety. Why else would they denounce the consumption of bloody animal flesh? Then we have the Greenpeace heretics; obviously they have far more dangerous plans than just trying to keep our environment healthy and our natural world in balance. And what’s up with PETA? What are they planning? As Americans, owning llama fur is our god-given right. Nothing more American than killing an animal just so you can cut off its bloody fur and sew it on your coat collar.

No doubt for years we have been concerned about the Quakers in Florida. Obviously people devoted to peace could be a threat to any war-mongering country.

The FBI is just doing their job according to their own rules. That sounds about right.

Bush and his disciples are guarding our every move. Some say he’s gone too far. Some say since they personally have nothing to hide they don’t care if their phone is tapped. Ha, wait until being stupid is outlawed. Then they’ll change their minds.

So let’s give a shout out to Osama Bin Ladin. He’s sort of been left out of this terrorist search. If only he were a devotee of veggies, an appreciator of animals and a tree-hugging Quaker living here in the US, I betcha his ass would be in jail or at least under surveillance.

Read the article in this morning’s New York Times. Read about the bush administration’s search and seizure of your rights. Then go eat a rare steak, chop down a tree, kick a dog, put a wooden nickel in the Salvation Army’s red kettle and openly declare that there’s nothing better than a goddamned war. Demonstrate that you are an American who can be trusted by this administration.

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