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Friday, December 30

Stood up by his Mandate

Remember after the election when bush boasted of his “mandate”. He had his pockets full of political capital and he and his mandate were going to party hardy. He would swoosh his mandate off his feet as they feasted on Social Security reform and danced to the music of victory in Iraq.

They would trip the light fantastic over the bodies of dead soldiers and avoid the smatters of human blood. They would sneer at the Left while they waved and blew kisses to the religious right. They were even going to let more money flutter down to big corporations and they would do it with their abundance of political capital. Oh what a time they would have. They were a couple made in heaven, this george fellow and his new “mandate”.

While bush bragged about his mandate and his political capital, something went wrong. While he was prepping and preening he was interrupted by some visitors. There was Terri Schiavo, Cindy Sheehan, Katrina, Harriet, Brownie and a few others. He tried to push them out because they would mess up the place. How could he entertain his mandate with these women in his house? They did not fit into his plan. He must do something with them. He insisted they leave, but they just wouldn’t go away. Finally, in desperation he shoved them in the closet and slammed the door. He tried to do away with all traces of them. Then he waited for the big moment. He waited and waited for his Mr. Right to come a-calling. Weeks and months went by but his doorbell did not ring. He had been stood up by his idolized mandate and all he had left was a closet filled with people and events he did not want. He tried to blame those in the closet for causing his mandate to stand him up. Had it not been for them he thought, he would now be happily in the arms of his mandate. It’s not his fault, it was their fault. Because of them he lost his chance to have what he thought he clearly deserved.

What he failed to realize was that the mandate had never been anything but a figment of his imagination. But, those in the closet were real and had he dealt with them with respect, knowledge, humility and a sense of reality, he might very well have been able to receive that mandate he was expecting.

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