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Tuesday, December 13

Show Those Liberal Heathens That You Love Christmas


You can make your own Photo US Postage Stamps at Who knew? This is legal too. You can make stamps with your own images of Jesus, Mary and Joseph to show those heathens what xmas is all about on Mac or pc. I made a couple from my family photo archives to share with you.


The other day, the Pope decried the crass commericalism of Christmas. Back when I was a Christian, I too condemned the commercialization. It took away from the solemnity. But then I woke up. Some Long Islanders prefer the commercialism. I like the stamps.

Uh oh. Today the Pope is really pissed. He gave his annual peace speech and had some harsh words for the bushistas, without naming names, nudge nudge, wink wink.

From: Pope says war no excuse for human rights abuses
In one part of the message, which is sent to heads of state and international organizations, the Pope said war could not be an excuse for disregarding international humanitarian law.

"The truth of peace must also let its beneficial light shine even amid the tragedy of war," he said, re-enforcing his stand by quoting from another Vatican document that said "not everything automatically becomes permissible between hostile parties once war has regrettably commenced."

BTW: Did you know that GM, which announced it would cut 30,000 American jobs, is planning to triple its production of cars in India? Read it here.

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