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Wednesday, December 21


Well, the Fake Economy (that the republicunts like to proclaim as "booming") has just taken another casualty.

Remember Nora Dunn? She was the "uber-feminist" who walked out when "Saturday Night Live" hired Andrew "Dice" Clay (Silverstein) as host, back in the day.

Well, now she's doing bit parts on "STACKED."

Yes, that one. The one starring Pamela Anderson (nee' Lee)'s latest set of implants, Elon Gold and Christopher Lloyd.

Nora plays a horny middle-aged woman (professor) who flashes her tits (and the tattoo thereupon) in pursuit of Elon's character, when he's trying to fix her up with Christopher Lloyd's character.

NOW, I know that some of y'all will automatically chirrup, "Well, yaaaayyy for her, let her get her freak on!" --- but keep in mind that this is the woman who found Dice to be "repugnant" and beneath her presence on the stage.

My, how time flies when the bills are overdue... Or maybe she didn't really need the money, she's just bought-into the new society, where Tits & Ass count for five million times more than a spine and a brain.

(And yes, I've got more of these Pissed-Off Feminist things warming on the back burner, this was just your warning shot.)

P.S.: Read that link about Silverstein --- well-written analysis, and yes, there's a Bill Hicks payoff in there.

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