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Monday, December 19

Selling The Occupation To The Gullible Public

Yep, there he was bragging about his contempt for the law in only the way he can do.
He'll do anything to protect us, even spy on us. Not only did he admit that he did do this, but he will continue to do so, thumbing his ever growing nose at the courts and the Constitution.
Then he had the gall to be upset that it was reported. Mind you they have yet to prosecute ONE PERSON successfully since the onset of his "war". So to sum it up, Chimp Boy violates federal law, illegally spies on the citizens he is sworn to protect, and then is angry that someone would espose it.

"We don't talk about sources and methods. Don't talk about ongoing intelligence operations. I know there's speculations (Some who don't buy the BS I'm selling) but it's important for America people to understand--that we will do--or I will use my powers to protect us, and I will do so under the law, and thats important for our citizens to understand."

So we should just trust him! Sorry, Chimp Boy, we do not

Sure he's reluctant to discuss "sources" and "methods" because that would reveal the scope of the federal violation he has sponsored. And all the time BS-ing us and the world on his "noble" use of his "powers" to protect us.

Excuss me Chimp Boy, it is ILLEGAL to determine what those powers are and to rewrite "that goddamn piece of paper."

What is important for America to understand is that Chimp Boy does not operate under the law but rather seems to believe he is ABOVE it.

Rest assured, the neo-cons will say he operated within the law, but the part they will omit is the Chimp Boy turn King decides --what the law is.
Whatever annoying law there is, simply create a fake power that you can then grant yourself and blame it all on a post 9/11 world.

This is all standard behavior in the arrogant Chimp Boy's administration--that treats it's citizens like children who are guilty until the illegal wiretap proves them innocent.

His brazen admittance is that he no longer is bound by the Constitution and the system of checks and balances which has served our country well for over 200 years has been rendered, quaint.

So he has declaired himself the King. No longer answerable to laws, courts, or the citzens or government.

Wake up you flag-waving, materialist, gullible, good folks. Your phoney Patriotism will be your death son.

To sum it up, we were told again to go fuck ourselves.

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