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Wednesday, December 14

more Nixonian than Nixon

The Congress defied Scrooge Bush and remembered what being an American is supposed to be all about. They banned torture. Now, we wait to see what Congress will do about enforcing this law. And who is responsible for enforcement, children? The President. And his faithful Hispanic for sale companion, Alberto "First Hispanic" Gonzales Attorney General.

Now, will Congress stop worrying about being called "pro-terrorist and anti-American and ban the Un-Patriotic Act? 'Tis the season to keep the military from spying on us peace-niks at home. 'Tis the season to remember that we are different than totalitarian governments. Who knew when communism fell we would have no one to measure ourselves against except evil Republican neo-fascists? Gee they were really with us, in this us verses them world the whole time.

If I am going to be on a list, check it twice and make damn sure you spell my name correctly.
If the military must investigate someone, why don't they investigate their own commander in chief, you know, the guy who admitted today in the worst mea culpa since Nixon said "mistakes were made," he didn't know what he was doing with "faulty intelligence" on Iraq.

And the American people piss themselves like puppies with pleasure over Bush. Oh, great leader, show us sinners the light and the way!

But Bush knows who's been naughty and nice? How can that amoral war criminal tell? I suppose the one with the biggest gun can sit in judgment in a kangaroo court in Iraq and pronounce Saddam a murderer and a thug. I guess Bush should know since Saddam was on our payroll and used what we sold him to murder his misbehaving malcontent population. Have you sent your check to the Republican Party? Have you quid pro quo-ed with a campaign contribution to get your local Indian casino reopened? Have you been reading naughty books and hope the military and the FBI don't get your records from the local mall bookstore? What a bunch of switches and ashes a warrantless "peek-a-boo" search while you're not home would be.

What surreal times in which we live. Katrina is off the political map while not even considering poor blacks, whites cannot meet their mortgages on uninsured houses washed off their foundations along the coast. The economic damages are rippling. Jobs are gone, homes are gone, property is gone and these whites voted for smaller government by voting Republican since the mid 1960s. What they voted for has come back to them--smaller government that cannot help them. I wonder if this is what it takes to return the south to the Democratic Party? Can the military search their porches and new trailers without a warrant? Can you use the military to spy on your own people but not to come rescue them because the National Guard is fighting an illegal war in Iraq while Americans drown in filthy water?

Houston's Mayor Bill White--a former member of the Clinton Administration--told FEMA--rather he dared FEMA to make good on promises made to Katrina evacuees in Houston. FEMA laughed and radio talk show hosts told Mayor White to stop telling the feds what to do. Obviously we could use a lesson in federalism and we are getting it, good and hard. Democracy is always more fun when the people get exactly what they asked for, isn't it? Bush isn't helping Momma & Poppy deal with "those" people in Houston. Well, hell, Bush & Co. aren't going to live here when they leave the White House?

Will Ken Lay, who had the guts to lunch with Houston business leaders and future white collar criminals and say essentially that while he ran the company, he didn't know what was happening and that guy who is helping the feds prosecute Lay is the guilty, responsible one. Lay is facing 175 years in federal prison. I think his chances of being pardoned before Bush leaves office are probably as good as Karl Rove's chances. I just wonder if Bush will pardon one or both of them before he leaves or on his way out the door? Will they actually go to trial or would Bush claim national security must be preserved? Will he allow prosecutors all the paperwork on Lay or will they be told to keep their prosecution away from what Bush knew about Lay--once a contender for Secretary of Energy--and when did he know it?

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