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Friday, December 16

Is the NSA Spying On Americans?

Why yes it is.

The bushistas believe that it is necessary to spy on citizens (with links to al Qaida) who send overseas email and make overseas phone calls without the messy getting a court order ordeal... they say that they have disrupted terrorist plots.

Speaking of spying...

While bushie thinks that it's a bad decision to filibuster the renewal of the unPatriot Act and sent in Alberto Gonzalez to give compelling arguments in favor of keeping things as they are, the NRA is not comfortable with it nor is the Christian Defense Coalition. Members of both political parties are concerned about the compromise of civil liberties. But bush keeps talking about security in a "time of war" blah blah. Sen. Russ Feingold leads the group of 40 senators that plan the filibuster.

Has anyone wondered what a democracy means anymore?

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