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Thursday, December 29

Inept Clowns fall from High Wire

Just about every day we read or hear more about elected Republican politicians and some sort of corruption. Either they have broken the law outright or they are in deep legal doo doo. It’s like watching an inept bunch of dangerous circus clowns on a high wire. Are they so pompous that they think they can get away with what they’ve been doing? Or are they just stupid? When you analyze what they have been up to, it seems they are both. They are pompous enough to climb up to the high wire and stupid enough to think they could stay there.

Don’t worry; they won’t get away with it. Our justice system is neither stupid nor is it corrupt. Sure there is a bit-o-bias in every court room, but there is also a bit-o-Constitution hanging in there too. Case in point - Terri Schiavo. No matter how loud and bleating the legal requests were, the court remained sane. Common sense prevailed and so did the law. Of course I don’t believe that those who sponsored the protestations gave a damn about that woman or her life. They were simply playing a part hoping to keep the freaks at their side show until the next elections.

I remember back when President Clinton was in all his trouble. A lady called in to C-span and she was wailing about the disgrace that President Clinton had brought to the oval office. After her bitching and moaning she said, “How do I explain to my five year old what the president has done?” Of course you’re thinking what I thought that morning, how many children at the age of five know squat about politics or even that the president exists. If the mother felt she had to explain anything to her child, she might just say that the president did something wrong. Kids that age don’t usually expect, want, understand or care a lot about details. That’s why kids’ books have few words and lots of pictures.

I think about that lady frequently as all the Republicans scandals come popping up. Wonder how she’s explaining all this to her now ten year old kid? How does she go about telling her little intellect that the new president is listening in to mommy and daddy’s phone calls? How does she explain that soldiers are dying every day because this president lied and took our country to a war that never should have been? How does she explain Abramoff’s and Frist’s and Delay’s and Libby’s criminal activities? Maybe she’ll just say that they are dangerous, pompous, stupid, inept circus clowns on a high wire and now they’re falling down. I think even a ten year old could comprehend that sort of thing.

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