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Thursday, December 22

I read the news today oh boy

Congress has been working overtime. Good. Unfortunately they renewed the Patriot Act for another 6 months. So I guess we won't be attacked here in NY over the holidays. On the other hand, there won't be arctic drilling.

Speaking of NY, we are still having a mass transit strike. It's taking a drastic toll on businesses.

Saddam claimed that the US tortured him. The US denies it. Of course he is lying because we don't torture. duh.

Hey let's move to Canada. They are going to allow group sex at swinger's clubs.

Go over to MSNBC and place your vote. Should the preznit be impeached? So far, it's overwhelming so.

Tie breaking Cheney says a big, "merry fuck you" to Medicare, Medicaid, Student Loans, Food Stamps, etc in order to compensate for millionaires tax cuts.

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