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Sunday, December 11

Echoes From The Past

As I poked around the barn early this morning for holiday decorations, I was reminded of some memorable decorations from my growing up years.
My favorite tree was a scraggly Douglas Fir purchased late in the season. It had one branch extending about a foot beyond the others, which my mother and I found ridiculously funny. We didn't think to prune the errant branch, but instead took turns imitating it with one outstreteched arm causing us to convulse in snorting giggles, an activity much frowned upon by my daddy.
I'm almost sure the tinsel icicles we draped over the branches contained lead were removed from the market by the EPA. I recall some fancy plastic icicles that miraculously gathered light, and then produced an errie glow when the lights were extinguished. Probably they were radioactive.
Then we got one of those butt ugle silver ones that I swear we must have used for 10 years. Funny what one remembers.

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