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Thursday, December 1

Diebold Day

Have you Signed the Voter Confidence Petition in Support of H.R. 550?

Diebold is such a weasley company, using Windows of all software for its electronic voting machines which can easily be hacked and manipulated, it may withdraw from North Carolina where 20 counties use Diebold at the moment. Other electronic voting machine suppliers are able to meet the requirements for NC, but Diebold cannot.

The dispute centers on the state's [NC] requirement that suppliers place in escrow "all software that is relevant to functionality, setup, configuration, and operation of the voting system," as well as a list of programmers responsible for creating the software.

That's not possible for Diebold's machines, which use Microsoft Windows, Hanna said. The company does not have the right to provide Microsoft's code, he said, adding it would be impossible to provide the names of every programmer who worked on Windows. (read the whole thing)
Diebold asked to be exempted. No way.

In California, "a different kind of showdown is brewing, where Secretary of State Bruce McPherson says he might force e-voting machine makers to prove their systems can withstand attacks from a hacker."

More links to read on Diebold (from the blogger formerly known as Frogsdong)
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Have you Signed the Voter Confidence Petition in Support of H.R. 550?
Have you told everyone you know to sign it?

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