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Sunday, December 18

did you make Bush's A list?

A friend of mine called after the talk-chat shows this morning. She watches them and wants to tell me everything that was said and I don't watch them because it ruins my Sunday to see people lie before noon.

"What the hell is the matter with Bush! Has he lost his mind!"

I guess that she is discussing the news that Bush authorized illegal wiretaps. Gee a phrase I haven't seen in print outside a Watergate story.

"No." I am thinking why did I answer the phone. "He thinks that because he is commander in chief the wiretaps are legal during a war. He insists that we are at war."

I explained then to my friend that Bush & Co. are pushing their side of the story because we are going to learn that the NSA people who originally went to the New York Times with the story are going to reveal that the reason they would not comply with Bush's authorized wiretaps is that they weren't taps on Middle Easterners, but on Americans who don't support Bush.

There is a court established to do nothing but hear wiretap requests. The Patriot Act allowed Bush huge discretion in issuing wiretap warrants. There isn't any need for Bush to by-pass established procedures to authorize wiretaps unless of course there is no terrorism related reason he wants the wiretaps.

The wiretaps were used, we will soon learn, to harass Bush's "enemies." Why else would Bush need to be on the defensive making his case for the measures at his Saturday's address which could have been given by any petulant Kindergartner in the D.C. area? Why else go on the offensive and insist we are winning the war in Iraq unless he is trying to link in the public's holiday soaked mind that his actions as president have justified his actions as president.

The logic is circular and we are circling the drain.

Who are we going to find on Bush's lists?

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