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Wednesday, December 7

Dems Fear Backlash at Polls


According to WaPo this morning, some are saying that the harsh antiwar comments of late may hurt the Democrats and is creating a rift in the party. Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi have been outspoken, as well as well as John Murtha and John Kerry.

I've seen news reports where there is concern about the divided party. Now if you ask me, what is wrong with certain politicians expressing concerns of the American people rather than party politics? Maybe the American people are sick and tired of all this party nonsense. The Democrats are really no different than the Republicans, so it's good to see some people speaking on behalf of the people rather than the interests of war profiteers.

BTW, Michael Reagan said that Howard Dean should be "hung for treason" on his radio show. heh. If anyone should be hung for treason, I could give him a list.

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