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Tuesday, December 20

Christmas Magic

Last week I shared some of my experiences of Christmas magic. The magic of having Murphy come into my life and for these many Christmas mornings watching him as he’s torn into his tissue paper wrapped gift and the fun of watching him parade around the Christmas tree with his brand new plush pink pig. The Christmas magic that had to have occurred the year I received that oh so beautiful and idolized Barbie doll. Then there was the Christmas that, with the help of one elementary school teacher, I got to experience a moment of self-perceived stardom, that little beagle puppy and me.

I have no doubt that Christmas magic exists. I have so many offerings of proof. One Christmas the man I had loved since the first time I met him, the only man who really had stolen my heart many years ago, the man who remained in my heart every day of the ten years I was married to someone else, the only man I could have loved so deeply, told me he loved me too. He slipped a ring on my finger to prove it. The Christmas that Mr. Pop asked me to marry him will always be the most magical Christmas of them all.

I’ve told you how my childhood was a little less than Beaver Cleaver’s or any of the other images on TV. It was sometimes a nightmare and other times just so awfully pitiful. There were a lot of things missing, the least of which was money. It was a jumble of lives all mixed up and all broken up. When I look back, the pictures aren’t as pretty as I wish they could be. There appear to be more tears than smiles, more sadness and loneliness than happiness and joy. But that was then.

Today my life is the other side of the coin from those days gone by. Where love was scarce growing up, I am surrounded with the dearest and sweetest kind of love thanks to Mr. Pop being the kind of person he is and doing the kind of thoughtful things that he does. I don’t move to a new town or a new house just about every six months. I have a home. I don’t look in stores and dream of what I wish could be. I enjoy what is. I’m not afraid anymore of what tomorrow will bring. I can control most of what tomorrow will bring and if there are surprises I have Mr. Pop to help me through it.

You know what? If it meant that I had to go through all those scary sad times of growing up all over again, I would do it just as long as I was sure I would find Mr. Pop waiting for me when it was over.

Is there such a thing as Christmas magic? There sure is! How else can you explain someone like me finding someone like Mr. Pop? The Christmas morning that he asked me to marry him was the essence of Christmas magic in my life. It was even better than getting one of those big dolls in a box that the grocery stores sell at Christmas time.

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