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Sunday, December 18

Bush Vows To Keep On Spying In The Homeland

Not only did your president admit to ordering the NSA to conduct and eavesdropping program here in the US, but he said he would continue the program because it's a "vital tool" in the war against the terrorists. What's more he said his actions are "fully consistent with my constitutional responsibilities and authorities." Then he went on to bash the senators who voted against the Patriot Act after all the news last week about the Pentagon spying on us and then the NSA. Read the whole story in the NY Times while I vomit.

Now on Fox News this morning, the whole reason 9/11 happened according to Bill Kristol was because Clinton didn't allow phone tapping. Somehow I knew it was all Clinton's fault.


What signs of fascism did we learn this week?

  • #2. Disdain for the importance of human rights. The regimes themselves viewed human rights as of little value and a hindrance to realizing the objectives of the ruling elite. Through clever use of propaganda, the population was brought to accept these human rights abuses by marginalizing, even demonizing, those being targeted. When abuse was egregious, the tactic was to use secrecy, denial, and disinformation.
  • # 3. Identification of enemies/scapegoats as a unifying cause. The most significant common thread among these regimes was the use of scapegoating as a means to divert the people’s attention from other problems, to shift blame forfailures, and to channel frustration in controlled directions. The methods of choice—relentless propaganda and disinformation—were usually effective. Often the regimes would incite “spontaneous” acts against the target scapegoats, usually communists, socialists, liberals, Jews, ethnic and racial minorities, traditional national enemies, members of other religions, secularists, homosexuals, and“terrorists.” Active opponents of these regimes were inevitably labeled as terrorists and dealt with accordingly.

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