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Wednesday, December 14

Broken Record: Verified Voting

I was disappointed to learn that Rush Holt's bill, The Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act H.R. 550 only has about 2500 signatures. That means that you, my readers have not all signed the petition. (but I still love you.)

There has been a blog swarm going on since November 30th and yet, only 2500 signatures. The big-ass blogs have not joined the blog swarm or mentioned the petition or it would have easily hit the 100,000 mark. So sad. DBK Frogsdong has urged us to read a fabulous post over at King Of Zembla with lots of information and why you should support this bill, write to your congresspeople asking them to support it and telling your friends to please sign it.

Why would anyone have objections to signing this petition or blogging about it? Why don't we all want physical ballots that are not counted in secret? Why bother to vote if your vote isn't going to be counted and you know it? We can change it with a little bit of activism. We have until January, otherwise you can rest assured that the stinking GOP will never lose their majority.

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