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Thursday, December 8

blogging blind

I know, I know, I'm a terrible person, I haven't even BEEN HERE for over two weeks. Shit happens. But I'm back (partially) now, so quitcherbitchin'.

You know that you've become (willingly or un-) a tough old bitch when... you drive yourself home from your own colposcopy. Yes, Jake went with me, but his driver's license is outta whack, so I hadda drive to & fro... BUT...

You know that it's true love when he not only goes into the drugstore (ALONE!) to buy maxipads for you, but he also returns with MUCHO CHOCOLATE!!!

You know that your niece is getting spoiled (GETTING?!?!) when she not only calls you for a ride to work (40 miles away, ONE WAY), THE DAY AFTER YOUR CERVIX WAS WEED-WHACKED TO HELL AND BACK --- but also asks you to bring last night's ONE NIGHT STAND (hers, not mine!) to work AT THE SAME TIME. I'm buying Rana a solid-brass pair to wear around her neck, 'cause that shit takes BALLS.

You know that the "holidays" are gonna suck EXTRA-HARD when... well, fuck, they just DO. It ain't like y'all need to hear my whining shit again, just know that I've been tit-deep in other people's shit for a while now, and sooner or later, my head's finally gonna break surface so that I can breathe & write again.

I ain't dead, I just ain't bitching at Y'ALL right now, that's all.

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