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Friday, December 23

And The Lawd Said, "That Is Not-Yo-Cheese"

Come on. Put aside your glue guns, your cookie dough, your glitter pens, and your felt scaps.
Do not think of the cards you have not sent, the goodies you have not baked, gifts you have not wrapped. I offer you a strong coctail and absolution:

You are only one person. You cannot do it all. So drink up and be merry and remember, there is always next year.

Breaking News!!!

Some restaurant in Florida was cleaning out the nacho warming pan and looked in the pan and THERE WAS JESUS! Right there in the nacho pan.

That Jesus. He pops up in the strangest places.
Must be the war on Christmas. He had to go underground/under pan. Dose this mean Jesus is cheesy?

He was etched in the underneath warming pan. The one that holds the water.
Walk on water, hold water, water to wine, wine to nachos, nachos to tequila. JESUS LIKES TEQUILA!

What a friend we have in nacho cheeses.

Jesus loves cheese, this I know.

Jesus loves the little cheeses,
all the little cheeses of the world
Swiss and gouda, cheddar, jack
all are yummy as a snack
Jesus loves the little cheeses of the world.

So pull that reindeer out your azz and have some Tequila and nachos!

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