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Tuesday, December 27

2 questions

1. Why has an RTA company car (Regional Transit Authority of New Orleans) been "living" north of St. Francisville, LA ever since the day before Katrina? Did the RTA authorize their officers/executives to commandeer publicly-owned vehicles for personal evacuations? An NOPD wuss pulled that stunt --- and went AWOL to Mississippi, then Baton Rouge, in an NOPD car, and now he's fired and probably going to jail. What's the administrative difference here?

2. Why is a company with the magnetic signs reading, "Gulf Coast Rebuilding, Inc." parking their "company truck" at a local seafood/game-processing business, bringing in freshly-killed deer to be dressed/butchered, when they're on FEMA time?

Oh, and here's your Puking Blood From Disgust Moment:

Gray Line Tours is now offering tours, at $35 bucks a pop, to pass through the Uptown and Lakeview areas that were affected by Katrina. They won't be viewing the devastation of the Lower 9th Ward, of course, because that's too "sensitive." In other words, it's only "tragic" if rich white people lose PROPERTY, but not if poor black people lose LIVES.

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