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Friday, November 11

The Wingers Have Outwung Themselves

And acting like BIG WHINEY CRY BABIES since Tuesday's election.

Bradblog has some lovely quotes from O'Lielly warning San Franciscans that al-Qaeda can blow them up for all he cares and that they shouldn't get one more dime of federal money since they banned recruiters in the schools. I would bet that SF gives more than it takes... or close.

And from the man of gawd himself- Pat Robertson warns the people of Dover, PA who banned unintelligent design from science class, that God will smite them and that they had better not ask the almighty for help.

How's that for fine values? This is all from Faux News, that bastion of Hate TV. If you don't vote the way the wingers want, then either the Lord or al-Qaida's gonna git you. Fear based society indeed.

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