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Monday, November 21

Who is Colonel Danny Bubp?

Remember when the wicked woman, Jean Schmidt, stood on the House floor and said she had received a phone call from Colonel Danny Bubp? Then she proceeded to repeat Col. Bubp’s words and that caused all hell to break loose. So who is the man who called her and why did he make the call? Max Blumenthal found out.

"A quick glance at Bubp's background reveals him to be a low-level right-wing operative who has spent more time in the past ten years engaged in symbolic Christian right crusades than he has battling terrorist evil-doers. And throughout his career, Bubp's destiny has been inextricably linked with Schmidt's. Bubp may be a Marine, but his view of Murtha as a "coward" is colored by naked political ambition. He is nothing more than cheap camouflage cover for the GOP's latest Swift-Boat campaign."

There’s lots more here at The Huffington Post.

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