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Thursday, November 10

Who are these grinches that are trying to take Xmas away from the American people?

Who objects to the holiday season (other than it starts too early and ends abruptly on 12/26)? We get paid days off from work, kids get a week off from school, people are sometimes nicer and more generous to the poor, most retailers wouldn't be able to survive if it were not for Christmas, the music is pretty, you can get presents if you're nice, you can give presents if you're nicer, the lights are so pretty and should be hung on the homes of everyone despite their religious persuasion and the parties, oh the parties: in schools, at offices, in the village green at your local watering hole.

Christmas is the Christian version of the winter solstice observances. It was invented by the pagans to get people through the darkest days of the year and Constantine adopted it to coincide with the pagan celebrations at that time of year.

Just who are these joyless people who hate holidays and who are the equally joyless who are trying to get people worked up into a frenzy about Christmas going away? If in fact, this country is 95% Christian, I don't think there is a problem. Then again, it's the Christians who allowed their special day to turn into a spending frenzy and secular holiday, rather than a holy time.

This whole hooha about the Tension Over Christmas makes me think that perhaps the grinches are both those who have a bug up their asses about other people enjoying the winter solstice celebrations and those who are ultra sensitive and guilty about their fairy tale beliefs (ie:pagan virgin birth story). Both sides should shut the hell up. Even those who defend Christmas vehemently are making people worried sick. It's not that bad. Or perhaps some are just pretending that it's bad so they can sell books to paranoid conspiracy theorists.

Christmas is not going away. Read the end of "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" for proof. Perhaps it's just a symptom of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) that spurrs these radicals to make such a big deal about Christmas celebrations one way or the other.

Now someone help me untangle these string lights

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