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Monday, November 21

War News

Leaving Iraq too soon would allow Iraq to be turned into a haven for terrorists, Rumsfeld said.

Rep. John Murtha, the Democrat whose call for withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq set off a furor last week, on Sunday predicted U.S. forces would leave Iraq before next year's U.S. congressional elections.

Two months before al-Haideri took the lie-detector test, the Pentagon had secretly awarded him a $16 million contract to target Iraq and other adversaries with propaganda. One of the most powerful people in Washington, Rendon is a leader in the strategic field known as "perception management," manipulating information -- and, by extension, the news media -- to achieve the desired result.

Colin Powell's former Aid said that Vice President Dick Cheney provided the "philosophical guidance" and "flexibility" that led to the torture of detainees in U.S. facilities.

Didn't Murtha say that the US Military are the targets now? If you were a constant target, you'd be on the defensive and might accidentally kill the wrong people too.

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