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Wednesday, November 30


Tomorrow is the first of December and today is the last day of hurricane season. Friday night will be the day of our local Christmas parade. Three reasons to smile.

Our local Christmas parade is not your father’s Macy’s parade. It’s a small town and a small town parade. Probably as many of the locals are in the parade as are standing on the sidewalk watching it go by. There are dozens of kids in dozens of groups all decked out in their holiday finery and they are not marching in rhythm. They are skipping or walking along down the middle of the four lane “big” street. The high school bands are there too. Hopefully they’ll stop and play right in front of you. Sometimes they do. The Jeep club will drive by and all the Jeeps will be decorated with lights of all sorts. There are homemade floats and homemade costumes too.

Sounds hokey doesn’t it? It is, and it’s a must-see for Mr. Pop and me. It’s a part of the season, the kickoff of Christmas. It’s one of those times when you can easily be a kid again. You can yell to the “teacher of the year” as he or she rides by sitting on the back of a convertible. And you know what else? When the final float floats by you can wave at Santa Claus just like you did as a child, because for that few seconds, you are a child again.

I’m supposed to be writing about voter fraud today, but I’m not. I’m writing about wanting to be selfish, wanting to lay politics aside for a little while, letting it go. Because I hung my Christmas curtains in my kitchen this morning, and yes I did sew them myself, I want to let the holiday spirit swoop down and wrap all around me. I want to let go and decorate my kitchen and the rest of my house with things that make me smile. I want to fetch my grandmother’s doll from her storage place and sit her in a place of honor along with my Tony doll and second edition Barbie. This is the time of year when I remember the excitement I felt the first time I saw each of them.

This is the time of year when dropping money in the red kettle is the absolutely right thing to do. This is when you buy extra food and leave it in the donation box at the front of the local market. This is the time of year when memories come and go so fast that you sometimes laugh and cry at the same time.

All year long we make donations to different organizations but during the Christmas holidays it’s even better to share. We will be buying toys to donate to needy children. That is such fun because I can purchase the things that I always wanted from Santa when I was a kid. Oh, those dolls that come with different outfits and accessories. I remember staring at those and thinking they were the most beautiful things I had ever seen. They were too.

So please forgive me if for the next month I lapse into the Christmas spirit. Sometimes you just have to let go and sail away with the beauty, the love, the fun, and all things that make this the sweetest season of all.

Not everyone agrees with my attitude about this holiday season and I sure do understand and respect all opposing feelings and reasons and emotions. But you see, this is the season when I can be a kid just one more time, and I just can’t let that opportunity slip by. It’s too much fun to miss.

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