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Friday, November 11

This Veterans Day, it’s a Crying Shame.

If you see today, Veterans Day, as a day to honor fallen soldiers then you have over 2500 more soldiers to honor than you did last Veterans Day.

This so called War on Terror has taken a lot of our Americans down and it is indeed a crying shame. What did they die for? It wasn’t for our freedom, that’s just a flat out lie. Iraq and Afghanistan were never threatening the freedom of the United States. Both are countries where some bad people lived but our freedom was never their aim.

So if these soldiers didn’t die for our freedom, what did they die for? They died because they thought when they volunteered to serve their country that they could trust the president of their country to value their lives enough to only put them in harm’s way when it was necessary to protect their country from harm. That wasn’t the way it worked. Sadly they were soldiers during a time when the United States went insane and they paid the ultimate price for that insanity. Did they die in vain? No, they died because someone lied to them. The one person who could have saved their lives lied to them. Their lives were taken from them because of someone’s desire, not someone’s best judgment.

It’s also sad that man has not discovered some way to settle international disputes without killing people.

My wish would be that we have no additional fallen soldiers to honor on future Veterans Days. My hope is that we will have future leaders of this country who, if they say that war is the last resort, honestly mean it with all sincerity and that pledge comes from the bottom of their heart. My fear is that there will be at least one more dead soldier to honor before this day is done.

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