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Thursday, November 17

So Much For Woodward's Integrity and WaPo as the New Paper of Record

So who is Woodward working for anyway?

Yesterday I posted a link to the shocking WaPo story titled: Woodward Was Told of Plame More Than Two Years Ago. Woodward was the first to be told of Plame's identity and finally revealed it to prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald only because he received a subpoena. Not only did Woodward admit to knowing this information before any other reporters, he said it was done so very casually as if it were no big deal. But he never opened his mouth about it during the 2 years of Fitzgerald's investigation.

Yet isn't it interesting that he was on the news circuit saying such things as: the story started as "gossip, as chatter", Fitzgerald is a "a junkyard-dog prosecutor", the result of the Plame's outing was "quite minimal" and the consequences will be "laughable"

He certainly had a lot to say about the case since he knew that he was the first one to hear the leak but he didn't let on that he had a secret. He sounded like Judy Miller protecting the administration.

But why did he protected something that he felt was mere gossip?

Yesterday he apologized to his Post editor for keeping the secret. He also admitted that he was busy writing another book about the bush administration at the time and didn't want to get involved in subpoenas.

So is he a journalist? Who does he work for? Where do his allegiances lie?

John at Americablog asks
"So why was Woodward afraid to come clean to his editor between June 2003 and December 2003, when PlameGate was already a massive scandal, yet before there was any talk at all of anyone being subpoenaed? Woodward's fear-of-subpoena excuse just doesn't hold water."
and John recounts Woodward's excuse of being afraid to go to jail. Then he asks
"So if Woodward was over his fear of facing jail-time by mid-2005, over it enough that he was willing to offer to go to jail in Judith Miller's stead, then why didn't Woodward come clean with his editor at that time? In fact, Woodward didn't come clean with his editor until just last month, October 2005, three months AFTER he offered to go to jail for Judy. So now we know that the fear-of-jail excuse doesn't hold water either."
This story gets curiouser and curiouser. Perhaps it was only Carl Bernstein who was the intrepid reporter with true journalistic values regarding Watergate and Woodward was more interested in writing a book. What do you think of Woodward's integrity now?

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