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Tuesday, November 15

Short Essay of the Day:

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From the Dark Wraith Discussion Forums:

"Mr. Bush is creating for himself a legacy of seething hatred that will live long past his time and in a way that even Reagan and Nixon couldn't generate. He may very well be a stupid man led by evil men, but that defiant stare at the camera was the mark of something frightening: he will not be stopped. Neither will the horde he leads. Popularity is irrelevant to them. All the polls, all the television pundits, all the newspaper editorialists on Earth could damn them to Hell, and it would not matter. This is the mark of despots.

Until they are brought down, until they are not only driven from office, but also imprisoned, they will march on; and we as a nation will continue to spiral into a darkening century that will be remembered as not just the beginning of the end of the American experiment in open liberal societies across the globe: between the hegemons of Islam and the hegemons of American Christianity, the world will be crushed; and all we can do is fight with everything we have to preserve an ever-diminishing treasure of civil rights and liberties evaporating like the gold we would hold in a dream from which we are awakening empty-handed, still longing for the wealth we could not bring with us into the conscious morning.

And all because a plurality of Americans somehow thought it would be cute to have that little tyrant be our President for eight years.

Beyond the evil of Mr. Bush is the evil of his kind; but beyond the evil of his kind is an American Electorate that has, in the end, no one to blame but itself for the Hell that it has gifted to the world to come.

The Dark Wraith hopes those who voted for Mr. Bush are proud of themselves.

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