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Saturday, November 19

Republican Representatives, Not Housebroken

If you were watching C-span last night you witnessed the Republican House of Representatives taking a collective dump right in the middle of the Floor. They first played a few children’s games and then all gathered and cheered their own fecal matter production. Rep. Jean Schmidt of Ohio, was so gleeful that she followed the stinking stunt by running as fast as she could and then jumping headfirst into the middle of the pile of fetid matter. She smeared the stuff all over herself. Ohio voters who voted for her must be proud.

It was enough to make any American gag. Sadly it may be the first of many such ordeals, while American soldiers are dying.

How will the public react to what they saw last night? They should stick all the Republican Representatives’ noses in what they did and the next chance they get, they should take them out of the House.

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