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Saturday, November 19

Makin' groceries...

Prices that you can expect to rise exponentially, post-Katrina:

Sugar (3-4X), seed & feed corn, pecans, natural gas, coffee (Port of New Orleans is where 90% of this country's coffee passes in), soybeans & soy products, seafood, Cajun specialties (andouille, tasso, boudin, etc.), paper products (Georgia Pacific has more mills here than any state BUT Georgia), and anything that comes out of Exxon (Plastics, Chemical or Refineries) or Dow Chemical.

And by January, expect another ass-raping jump in gasoline prices, but, of course, there will be an excuse.

The sugar price hikes won't go into effect until the spring, probably, since they're still selling off this past year's harvest, but by Easter, WHAMMO!

Don't say that you weren't warned. Hoarding is impolite, but storing is a good idea.

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