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Thursday, November 10

Jewels Among Rhinestones

We all romp around the net and we are reading more stuff than we have ever read before. We read the posts and often we read the comments. Sometimes the comments on a post outweigh the value of the post itself. Here’s a little jewel that I found from a commenter named “Nash”. This is a tribute to good old Judy Miller and her exit (at last) yesterday from the New York Times.

“Proud Judi”
(Sung to the tune of “Proud Mary”)

Left a good job at Gray Lady,
Pimping for the “War” every night and day,
And I never lost one minute of sleeping,
Worrying ‘bout the troops who got blown away.

Chalabi keep on grinning.
Proud Judi keep on spinning.
Lying, lying, lying, to the readers.

Wrote a lot of crap in D.C.
Sucked up to a lot of the Dems and Reeps.
But I never had a story on the front page,
Until I hitched a ride with the NeoCon creeps.

If you go down to the court house,
Bet you gonna find Scooter, Karl, and Dick.
I can write my book now, and I’ll make big money.
Fitzie and the jury are sure to convict.

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