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Monday, November 28

Jesus and the Theater of the Absurd

Just flipped the channel on the TV and caught Falwell on Fox talking about his make believe war on Christmas. Seems according to the totally wigged out minister (?) Jesus has hired himself a lawyer. Falwell said they are ready to defend anyone who feels intimidated because they have used words like “Christmas”.

Bush, Cheney, et al, say they didn’t lie about the reasons for war. Well, yes they did. If nothing else they lied by omission. They omitted telling us they were lying from the get go. It doesn’t matter what the meaning of “lie” is, when you don’t tell the whole truth and it causes thousands of deaths, well, that is a lie and it’s a sin.

Bush’s new focus is on border security. No, not the border of Iraq - the border of the US. Does anyone with a functioning brain believe he gives a damn about border security here in the US? They are programming him to talk about this subject in hopes that it will drain American brains of any notice of the war in Iraq. Too late for that magical act, because the show is over. We are staying focused on the blood dripping out of Iraq.

So we are bringing democracy to the Iraqis. We are bringing hopes for a better future. Okay, by the time this disaster is over there won’t be nearly as many democratic Iraqis due to a three year spate of bombs and chemicals and other democracy delivering tools.

In some strange way all of these aforementioned events seem so absurd: Jesus and his lawyer, bush administration and their lies, bush giving a tinker’s damn about border security, and the Iraqis being murdered in the name of democracy American style. It’s all like something out of a frightening novel. The one thing all these things have in common is the bullshit factor. There is no war on Christmas or Christ. The bush administration did lie. The war is a disgrace.

The other thing these events have in common is that they are frightening as hell. The reason they are frightening is because someone somewhere believes they are true. There are a group of Americans who believe that we should actually give a damn about keeping Christ in Christmas no matter what. They are actually willing to fight for this when there’s a real war going on in Iraq, a war based on transgressions. Are they nuts? They seem to be clueless. When we bring all our real soldiers out of the real war, the real sin, then we’ll have the luxury of playing around with this other insanity.

I’m just guessing here, but maybe a real Christ wouldn’t want his name associated with anything our country is up to these days. Maybe he wouldn’t want to have any part in the Theater of the Absurd, because as I understood his story he’s not crazy about lies and murders. I don’t think he would give a damn about where his name was used but I do think he would care about what has been done in his name.

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