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Thursday, November 17

Iraqi Minister Sounds Like bush

"I reject torture and I will punish those who perform torture," Jabr said. "No one was beheaded, no one was killed."

I wonder if he is going to have those who perform torture beheaded?

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraq's Shiite interior minister accused critics Thursday of exaggerating reports of torture at a lockup seized by U.S. troops last weekend, saying inmates included both Shiites and Sunnis and only a handful showed signs of abuse.

Interior Minister Bayn Jabr suggested some making the torture allegations were supporting the insurgency or had a personal score to settle and were using the U.S. Embassy to exert pressure on him. He also said the Interior Ministry facility in the capital's Jadriyah district had held "dangerous terrorists," including one man accused of building six car bombs, he said.

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