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Thursday, November 17

How the hell did it come to this?

Damn, we’ve been in a war for two and a half years, and now we’re discussing why? Cheney, bush, et al, are saying that any Senator who questions the honesty of bush’s information before the war began is being dishonest. This is so incredibly bizarre that it sounds like sick fiction. We have lost over 2000 members of our military and now we’re talking about why? Damn, if we could only have a do-over. But we can’t. This is real and it’s been deadly.

Did the president lie to us before the war began? Seems he sure did, he and all his minions. They said stuff they knew wasn’t true and that’s how I define a lie. Even after they were told what they were saying wasn’t true, they just kept on saying it. Yep, that’s lying.

We’ve seen the heads of the big oil companies sitting before Congress and lying as though lying is acceptable behavior. Is it? Is that where we are? Is it okay now to just lie about anything? A few years ago lying would get a president impeached. Now suggesting that a president has lied will result in the vice president calling you dishonest. Huh?

It’s all so convoluted. Who told who what and when? There is a giant web over our country right now and it’s knitted together with lies. That’s all that’s holding it together. The web has been spun over the past five years and it has changed everything about us and our country. How the hell did it happen? More importantly how the hell do we dismantle it? We are being smothered in lies and deceit.

Sure we have had times in our history when our country has done some foolish and dastardly things, and yes, somehow we always recover. Maybe we can recover from this too, but before we can begin, we have to ask ourselves, how the hell did it come to this?

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