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Monday, November 14

Depleted Uranium --A Scientific Perspective

An Interview With
LEUREN MORET, Geoscientist

ICONOCLAST: Is there a danger of depleted uranium, being used in weaponry over there (the Middle East), spreading by air over here?

MORET: The atmosphere globally is contaminated with it. It’s completely mixed in one year.

ICONOCLAST: What can soldiers expect when they come home?

MORET: If they were in Bradley Fighting Vehicles, they’re coming home with rectal cancer from sitting on ammunition boxes. The young women are reporting terrible problems with endometriosis. That’s the lining of the uterus malfunctioning, and they just bleed and bleed and bleed. Some of them have uterine cancer — 18 and 19 and 20 year olds...

...It damages their mood-control mechanism in the brain. Four soldiers at Fort Bragg came back from Afghanistan, and within two months, those four had murdered their wives...

...It’s going to kill off the world’s population. It already is, and it doesn’t just effect people. It effects all living systems. The plants, the animals, the bacteria. It effects everything...

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