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Thursday, November 10

Dear Judy Miller,

Ms. Miller, I don’t know you personally but I do know what you have done. You carried the water for a group of people who wanted to go to war. This group sent you and your bucket to Chalabi and he filled that bucket with dirty water. You gleefully carried the bucket of dirty water to the New York Times and poured it on the people who read your writing. That dirty water flooded American minds with lies, and as a result the sands of Iraq were flooded with blood.

You kept smiling as you walked into jail and stood up for your rights as a journalist. I support your right to protect the names of your sources, but that’s not what you did. You tried to be a hero and Ms. Miller you are not. You were the conduit for lies, and the resulting war is to some degree related to what you did. Wars make heroes. Heroes don’t make wars.

Ms. Miller, thousands of people have been killed. They shouldn’t have been. More die every day as a direct result of our invasion of Iraq. Your primary source is still protected. Mr. Chalabi is freely touring the US even as he remains under investigation by the FBI. He gets to do what the majority of Americans never could. He gets to have private meetings with Rice, Cheney and Rumsfeld. I would suspect he will secretly meet or talk with the president too. I found it interesting that the president was handing out Medals of Honor on the very day Mr. Chalabi arrived. What an amazing coincidence. I would like to check Mr. Chalabi’s suitcase before he leaves the country and see if he might have something new in there. Something hanging on a ribbon.

So today you may do as you like, Ms Miller. You’ll probably begin plans for writing your book. Don’t print one for me. Why should I believe a single word you might write? In my opinion, Ms. Miller, you should forever suffer nightmares. You should never be able to forget what you have contributed to and where your help has taken our nation. Each time we hear of another death in any way connected to this horrid war, we will remember you and your bucket of dirty water.

Good luck, Ms Miller. Good luck forgetting about the war and the deaths. And, be careful Ms. Miller, as your guilt and your deception consume what I believe will be your miserable life. You didn’t get to keep the bucket but the dirty water stains will be with us and with you forever.

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