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Tuesday, November 15

Congress Hates NY and I Hate Them

They broke their promise. Typical. Well fine. They can take back their $125 million in aid, but goddam them to hell if they use 9/11 as a platform for political purposes.
"The tug-of-war over the $125 million began earlier this year when the White House proposed taking the money back because the state had not yet spent it."
NY was going to use it to compensate sick rescue workers who have come down with illnesses, thanks to the White House telling the EPA to NOT inform NY that the air was full of asbestos right after 9/11, thank you very much.

Ya hear me, shitheads in congress? You're fired! I am not going to forget this. I know people who worked down there, damn you bastards. Sorry I had to get that off my chest. Gawd, I hate our government. They are evil. Can we secede?

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