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Friday, November 11

Bush will speak today at noon

What the hell can he say? Will he mention the word “killers” and the phrase “our freedoms”? He has to. That’s the jive that he has used since Sept. 11, 2001. It’s all he has in his verbal bag-o-crap. He’s nothing but a hollow man now and his words are a perfect match. We’re told he is going to say basically that some Democrats were as stupid as he was before the war. I can’t argue with that to any real degree, but just because they were stupid doesn’t make him un-stupid.

I’m kind of hoping that during his speech when he gets to the place where he blanks out, and as usual gets his tongue wrapped around his uvula, he just sort of implodes mentally. I’m hoping he goes off script and just starts ranting like a screwin’ mynah bird on coke. He might start spouting the truth about how he feels about his low poll numbers and who did what before the war. You know, as they used to say, let it all hang out. Maybe we might get real lucky and he would get so wired he would drop the F-bomb. It would be classic TV, wouldn’t it? Just george bush and that camera in his face as he loses it great big time. The internet would light up like the national Christmas tree. Would that make for a fun Friday afternoon or what?

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