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Wednesday, November 30

Bush: Who Is Leaking On Me?

I'll bet many people would like to take a leak on bush cause he's been taking a leak on us for 5 years...

From Hardball via Huffington Post:

DEFRANK: It`s hard to know who, if anybody, at the moment, Chris. One of the things in the story in the "Daily News" that you`re talking about here is that he`s begun calling the paper -- reports that he`s been calling outside friends and advisers saying...

MATTHEWS: Who to trust?

DEFRANK: ... who`s leaking on me? Who, in your opinion, should I trust on my staff? Who, in your opinion, should I not trust on my staff? That is never a good sign.

MATTHEWS: Does he consider Karl Rove to be dispensable at this point because he may face an indictment?

DEFRANK: I think so. I`m told that. But, again, the president is an extremely loyal guy.

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