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Wednesday, November 16

Bill Clinton Speaks Out

Bill Clinton told students in Dubai Wednesday that the war in Iraq was a big mistake and that the government made several errors. The biggest error being that the US dismantled the Iraqi military and police rather than keeping it in tact... oh and that the borders weren't sealed to keep terrorists out.

You know, what frosted me about the war after the fact that they even decided to have one, was that they knew there was no imminent threat yet they rushed into this thing. They rushed the UN weapons inspectors out and sent troops there which to this day do not have adequate body armor, vehicle armor and even ammo. Pathetic. Maybe as they say Saddam "needed" to be taken out, but blowing an entire country to smithereens seemed like a messy way of doing it, to say the least.

Well it's no big deal to me that Clinton has spoken out against the war. He is being blamed for it again by the neocons. He has spoken waaaaaay too late. Someone ought to get Hillary on the anti-war bandwagon though... especially if she thinks she is going to run for re-election in NY. I will not vote for her at this point.

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