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Monday, November 28

American Hiroshima – the next 9/11?

From Al-Jazeera (no wonder boygeorge wanted to blow the place up):

"David Dionisi, a former US army intelligence officer, is convinced that plans for a nuclear attack are under way.


"In his new book, American Hiroshima, Dionisi argues decades of unjust US foreign policies will be largely to blame...


(Dionisi quotes):
"The major media outlets are owned by a handful of corporations interested in promoting advertising and pro-government messages. Anything that challenges the existing power structure very often fails to receive airtime. I highlight Fox as an extreme example of the Republican propaganda machine.

"In 1962, the Joint Chiefs of Staff presented a plan called Operation Northwood, which is now declassified. It proposed conducting mass casualty attacks on American targets and blaming it on Cuba to rally public support forwar against Fidel Castro. President Kennedy rejected the plan. So we shouldn't just assume any future attack on our soil is the work of al-Qaida." (Emphasis edit.)

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