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Friday, October 14

Which Walnut Shell is that Little Pea Under?

Each time this administration tells us something, it is exactly like the hidden pea under the walnut shell. Only one chance out of three that whatever they say is true. The game goes on hour by hour, day by day, and the American public keeps right on playing.

Sure they know they are getting conned but they just keep playing. Why? There are horrible results when they pick the wrong shell, it happens every time.

Just like all gamblers, some Americans think if they play long enough they will figure out the game and then they’ll win. They won’t. If the con artist finds out that his patsy is about to figure out his trick, he shuts down the game.

In the real world someone would call the cops about a con artist, but in our world today no one does. We complain about the scammer but he just keeps on playing with his walnut shells and his pea.

How much more do we wager on ever knowing the truth? How many more games will be played before everyone figures out the game is rigged? The odds aren’t in our favor, but for some reason there are those who just want to keep on playing. They think they can find the truth, but just like the little pea, it’s elusive.

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