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Thursday, October 13

Touching Up our Roots and Other News Items

Woo Woo, Blondesense Gets a Makeover

What do you think folks? Liz gave the site a new do. We are going for a real oxymoron…..blondes with smarts and good taste. (this is where you laugh out loud) Don’t worry, we are the same people we always were, it was just time to upgrade our looks. Touching up our roots, if you will.

Oh hell no, we aren’t changing, just rearranging.

I’ve been doing a little rearranging and updating my home too. Time for lots of changes.

Speaking of changes did you see bush’s new poll numbers? 39% approve of what he’s doing. Hell, a toad would get better numbers than that even if you added in the wart factor.

Who’s going to get an indictment in the Plame case? Probably easier to guess who won’t. I hope they don’t leave Condi out. She and Bolton should be included.

Hopefully you watched Keith Olbermann last night because he had a lulu of a show. Keith matched up all the raised terror alerts to what was going on in the world at the time. Coincidences? You decide.

Crooks and Liars (LINK) in case you missed it.

One more terrible thing about bird flu:

Have you noticed that bird flu has resulted in the choking of many chickens? That is terrible, isn’t it? If the flu traverses the ocean does that mean that there will be an increase of chicken choking in our country?

Alan Greenspan will be stepping down as Federal Reserve Chairman. President bush will soon nominate someone to take his place. Word has it that he will choose Emily Flatzbottom to take Greenspan’s place. Ms Flatzbottom is the president’s favorite cashier at the white house cafeteria. President bush has known Ms Flatzbottom since he was governor of Texas. At that time she worked at the local McDonald’s as the person who takes the money at the first window. There are rumors that Ms Flatzbottom is also an evangelical Christian. There is no paper trail per se for Ms. Flatzbottom since the cash registers she has worked do not print out receipts. Mr. bush has been quoted to say that Ms. Flatzbottom has never given anyone incorrect change. Ms Flatzbottom was the first female food worker to wear a ruffled handkerchief on the bodice of her uniform and the first female food worker to use the phrase, "Ya’ll come back, ya hear?"

On a very sincere note, WELCOME BACK TO AL HILL

Al has had some medical problems of late and we have deeply missed him here at Blondesense. If good wishes are healing, Al, we will fix you right up. Hugs to Al from everyone.

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