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Wednesday, October 26

Tonight's Candlelight Vigil

I attended a candlelight vigil this evening in my town at the Quaker Meeting House which is on the corner of a rather busy intersection at rush hour. I met a number of very lovely christian people who are anti-war and I asked them what they about the TV christians who shill for bush and they all agreed that we have a problem with vocal hateful war mongering christians who use the bible in its literal sense to fool the masses.

I also ran into an old friend who is now a deacon at my old church. He and I attended the same seminary but since he is a man, he gets to preach and I didn't. Nevertheless, he told me that he preached an antiwar sermon back when the Iraq invasion started and he was vilified by many of the parishioners and told by the pastor that people have their own opinions. He said that his sermon was not political at all. It was about Jesus. Needless to say we all had a rather heated discussion about the lack of Jesus in today's christianity (not heated towards each other).

I'm glad I went. Anyone else go to a vigil?

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