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Saturday, October 22

This Week's Outrage

Reader 'Red State Blues' is utterly disgusted with some Target pharmacists refusing to dispense contraceptives to customers. This is something that one would expect from Walmart. RSB says, "Target is very generous in the communities in which they operate, giving tons of money to local charities and schools. So this pains me a great deal, but shit like this cannot go unchallenged. If they need to be kicked where it hurts most, in their pocketbooks, then so be it." The following is a letter sent to Target and Blondesense urges you to follow suit and write to them:

Dear Target:

I am appalled at the stories in the media about pharmacists in your stores refusing to dispense lawfully prescribed medicine to patients. Birth control, including emergency contraception, is basic health care and restricting access to prescriptions is nothing short of discrimination.

While I appreciate that most pharmacists seek to protect their patient's health, even one zealous pharmacist at your chain that refuses to fill prescriptions based on personal beliefs jeopardizes the health and well-being of patients. It is not the place of a pharmacist to make ethical or moral judgments regarding a customer's needs; such is solely the purview of the woman, in consultation with her health care provider.

As a consumer, I expect your pharmacies to guarantee women the right to obtain their prescriptions -- without delay or personal judgment.

Until your pharmacy adopts and makes public a policy allowing women to purchase the products they need, in particular birth control, including emergency contraception, I WILL NOT spend another penny in your stores.

Very truly yours,
"red state blues"

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